Office 365: Empowering Individuals

Office 365 empowers individuals as well as teams and entire organisations. It enables them to communicate effectively and collaborate smoothly and best of all? Office 365 for education is completely free for both teachers and students. Learning tools within office 365 such as Classroom and OneNote offer a personalized learning experience and allow modern classroom collaboration.



OneNote is your simplistic digital note book which you can record notes from lesson, seminars and lectures. You can organise your work by creating different sections making recollection of ideas and facts particularly easy. OneNote automatically saves all your note in the Microsoft cloud making your notes, unlike paper notes, accessible across a range of devices anywhere, anytime. You can share your note books with fellow students and teachers.



Sway is an interactive storytelling app. With this programme, you can create professional and interactive designs in no time for all your media including text, images, videos and polls. It also includes a wide range of template which can give your lessons and projects a kick start. Sway allows teachers to create engaging and interactive content to present to their students which can then be used as a revision material later. As well as this it can be used by students to create projects which will include numerous types of media making the project overall more informative and interesting for teacher and students alike to read and learn from.


Introducing Microsoft Teams

The newest addition to Office 365 is a chat-based virtual work space perfect for teachers to deliver online lessons and students to communicate ideas not only with teachers but also with each other. As well as this, teachers will be able to manage their daily workflow more easily than ever before. What else can teachers do?

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Since this is a completely virtual system, students can communicate with each other at anytime, anywhere and form any device whether that be home or school.  This ultimately allowing them to work together more efficiently, taking away the stress of organising group study.

“Engaging. Innovative. Technology.”

Odyssey Education- What we do:

Here at odyssey education we provide consultancy for office 365. We also have the technical expertise in-house to migrate your system to an Office 365 platform; whether this be partially or fully. We can also provide custom configuration of Office 365 portal, making it unique for your school. After this we will provide ongoing support regarding Office 365.

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How safe is your internet?

It is no secret that the internet can be a dangerous place for children. We need to work together to make online safety more effective for them. There are solutions available which help with internet safety- the dangers of the internet are probably more easily avoided than you think.

However, if we do not take the steps to prevent the dangers of the internet effecting children and teenagers then the threats to them soon become very real.

Considering recent news, online suicide games seem to be becoming more and more of an issue with the likes of ‘blue whale’ being spoken about and even becoming a viral post. Games that promote self -harm and violence are easily accessed and the people behind these games purposely target vulnerable internet users such as children and teenagers who are at an impressionable age.  There have been claims that the suicides allegedly linked to ‘blue whale’ are in fact fake news, however this should not shadow the seriousness of the game itself and how this type of news can be just as problematic as it can prompt ‘copycat’ behaviour.

Do you really know what your child gets up to online? Have you adjusted the parental settings in games such as Roblox to eliminate the possibility of strangers communicating with your child? Online multiplayer games which have in game chat facilities are a lot of fun for children as they can communicate with friends online but who else are they able to communicate with? These are things parents and teachers alike should be looking out for.

For more information about games and hashtags you should warn young people to avoid, and for more information about them in general, look at the article by one of our E-safety partners -NetSupport. It discusses the problems with these online games whether authentic or not and how even fake news can prompt “copycat” behaviour.

If you are worried about the safety of your schools’ internet then please do not hesitate to contact Odyssey Education on: 01582 437 136 or alternatively email us at:

We work extensively with select E-safety and Internet Security partners such as NetSupport, Fortinet, Sophos and Smoothwall to provide services and solutions to solve any issue you may have regarding safety of the internet.